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The Best Sushi in Glendale

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The Best Sushi in Glendale

The Leon Café and Lounge is the eclectic restaurant and nightlife spot that Glendale and Los Angeles residents trust for fine and dining and cuisine. While we are renowned for our wide selection of delicacies from around the world, from Mediterranean combo platters to the best burgers you’ll ever taste, we are also known as the best sushi bar in Glendale thanks to The Sushi Room, a welcome addition to our lounge experience.

The latest addition to Leon Café and Lounge is unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere. We have established a separate kitchen and culinary team from the rest of the restaurant, with staff experienced in the art of Japanese culinary delicacies. The selections in this unique sushi restaurant are the freshest, finest quality Japanese food you’ll find in SoCal. With options like artful sushi wraps and rolls, crisp nori, and fresh fish, you can fulfill your sushi desires in one satisfying meal.

Leon Café’s sushi room is the first restaurant in Glendale to offer both hookah and sushi in one convenient location. The ambiance of our Sushi Room includes an outdoor patio with a cozy fire pit and heater and even blankets for guests sitting outdoors. Our drinks selection is the best around with options ranging from a hot pot of the finest green tea to a signature cocktail that will spice up your night. Whether you’re in the mood for premium sushi in the Glendale area or want an exotic and flavorful hookah experience, come by tonight for a restaurant experience you’ll cherish for years.