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Sushi Bar in Glendale

Sushi Bar in Glendale

The Sushi Room at the Leon Café & Lounge is the latest exciting and luxurious addition to one of Glendale’s most enjoyable dining experiences.  We’ve established a completely separate kitchen and culinary team so our diners can enjoy the very freshest, finest quality Japanese culinary creations in Southern California. We are proud to be the first restaurant in Glendale that offers both sushi and hookah.

From the freshest cuts of ocean-raised fish, to the crispiest, all-natural nori, The Sushi Room’s artfully crafted sushi wraps and rolls, with a touch of soy sauce and wasabi, will satisfy connoisseurs from all corners of the globe. If you like, go all in and pair with a fizzy blended cocktail or a steaming hot pot of green tea for the optimal sushi restaurant experience.



That’s not all. Guests of The Sushi Room have the option of sitting inside or enjoying their meal on our outdoor patio equipped with its own cozy fire pit and heater. If you’re ready to experience the finest Japanese delicacies, you’ve found the right sushi bar in Glendale. Passport not required!

When people say “I love sushi,” the expert chefs of The Sushi Room understand that what they’re really saying is “I love fresh, top quality sushi.” That’s why we like to let our fresh cuts of sashimi take the main stage, without overstating their natural flavors. We understand that, with all things sushi, simplicity is key, and we carefully garnish our fresh cuts of fish with salmon roe, aromatic greens, and spicy peppers. Our sushi rice is steamed to perfection, and the expert chefs at our sushi restaurant effortlessly dish out handrolls, sushi, and nigiri before your very eyes.

The Sushi Room is here to provide a unique culinary and sensory experience that’s unlike anything you’ll find at any other sushi bar in Glendale. We are open5-9pm every evening Tuesday-Sunday.   

Enjoy Your Selection!

Not in the mood for sushi? No worries. The Leon Café and Lounge and The Sushi Room are here to provide you with delicacies from around the world. We invite you to try one of our world-class charbroiled burgers, complete with delicious 10 oz. patties. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, spring for one of our Mediterranean combo platters.  Leon Café & Lounge and The Sushi Room are perfect for private events and parties, family and business meals, or even romantic dinners for two.

And, yes, we also offer our superb hookah lounge. We understand that, when you are thirsty for shisha, you want the absolute best. Our hookah sommelier makes every effort to ensure you have a personalized and world-class smoking experience by helping you choose from the finest selections, varieties, and flavors.

Those who’d like to take advantage of our outstanding menu for a party, wedding, or any noteworthy event should know we offer outstanding catering service in Glendale and throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

We invite you to stop by or make a reservation at 818-243-4585. Additionally, if a special event is in the offing and catering is what you need, feel free to call or shoot us a message via our contact page.