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Private Events

Private Events in Glendale

For your private events in Glendale, you expect more than just the bare minimum in order to impress your guests. At Leon Café and Lounge, in addition to providing a wide array of exceptional cuisine, we make sure that all of your guests are taken care of. Whether you choose to have your event in our gorgeous and convenient Glendale location, or if you choose to have your event catered in your own space, we will provide all the services you need to make your event one that your guests will truly remember.

  • Cuisine – At Leon Cuisine and Lounge, our passion and our specialty ultimately lies in our delicious cuisine. While the base of our expertise is in fantastic and nutritious Mediterranean food, we also make a variety of dishes ranging from pastas, salads, soups, to traditional comfort foods and desserts that are sure to delight any palate.
  • Hookah – There are few things more relaxing after a delicious meal than sitting around a table with friends and enjoying professionally packed, high quality hookah. Our smoking lounge is available for private events in Glendale for groups of all sizes and organizations. Businesses in particular find that our relaxing and stress-free environment is a perfect place for employee bonding outside of the office.


Events to Remember

A big part of our philosophy is that every single one of your guests at private events in Glendale should have an enjoyable and memorable time. Guests with dietary restrictions, amateur foodies, smokers, and non-smokers alike will surely enjoy one of the elements that Leon Café and Lounge brings to your private events in Glendale. While some of your guests may spend the time after the meal enjoying one of our delicious and savory desserts, others may spend their time indulging in our many unique and mellow shisha flavors. We often tell our customers that it is their job to make sure that guests show up to the event, but they can count on us to make sure that all guests will be anxious to come back for the next one.

If you are looking for a partner to provide a wide variety of world-class cuisine for your next big event, we invite you to explore our menu and call us today at 818-243-4585 to learn more about the services we can offer. With incredible food, an amazing location, and a variety of other services to set us apart, event organizers truly cannot go wrong when partnering with Leon Café and Lounge.