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Hookah Lounge

Hookah Lounge in Glendale

Looking for a hookah lounge in Glendale that is more than just another smoking spot? If so, Leon Café & Lounge is the place for you. We know that you look for more in a hookah lounge than hookah alone, and we are here to offer our customers the very best in a wide selection of outstanding food and drinks. Whether you’re in the mood for superb Mediterranean cuisine, or just have a hankering for traditional American-style favorites, not to mention delicious beverages, our offerings are sure to please.

We encourage our patrons to treat themselves to a full range of sensory delights. Our food is here to thrill your taste buds, our comfortable and stunning décor is a treat for the eyes, and our hookah offerings envelop you in a cocoon of delightful aromas. We are dedicated to the proposition that hookah lovers not only enjoy a good smoke, they also love good food, fine beverages, and a first class atmosphere in which to relax. At Leon Café & Lounge, we’re proud to offer all of the above.

Of course, when you want to smoke, you want the very best. Our hookah sommelier works hard to find the very finest shisha selections, varieties, and flavors to make for a superb smoking experience. A feast for all of the senses, we are anything but your ordinary hookah lounge in Glendale.


Fine Food in an Inviting Atmosphere

Yes, we are proud of status as a superb hookah lounge in Glendale, but the accent is on food at Leon Café & Lounge. Our selection of Mediterranean delicacies starts with hummus, baba ganoush, and a delectable feta cheese plate. We offer a host of mouth-watering choices in the realm of burgers (served on luscious brioche buns), sliders, a creative selection of pizzas and – for those who want a more health conscious treat – some of the finest salads you’re ever likely to enjoy. We also offer a mouthwatering selection of traditional comfort food snacks such as Buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, breaded zucchini, chips and salsa, tasty garlic fries and jalapeño poppers. Our beverage choices include an assortment of outstanding teas, gourmet coffee, and a fine selection of beer and wine.

When you are in the mood for a hookah lounge in Glendale that is a lot more than a hookah lounge, Leon Café & Lounge would love to hook you up with an outstanding evening. For more information on our food and shisha offerings, call us at 818-243-4585 or check out our contact page. Those who’d like to take advantage of our outstanding food for a party, wedding, or any other big event, should also know that we offer outstanding service when it comes to catering in Glendale and throughout the L.A. area.