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Cocktail Lounge

Cocktail Lounge in Glendale

With so many fantastic restaurant choices spread out throughout the Los Angeles Area, simply serving incredible food is not enough to provide the best dining experience for customers. At Leon Café and Lounge, in addition to cooking up gourmet dishes from around the world we also serve as a premier cocktail lounge in Glendale with unique and expertly prepared drinks to elevate any night out.

Just like preparing a meal, crafting the perfect cocktail requires both innovation and discipline to ensure that customers get a perfect pour, no matter how complex the connection. While some bartenders make drinks simply meant to mask the taste of the base liquor, the drinks that leave our bar are designed with a combination of flavors that perfectly complement one another. No matter what your preferred style of wine, beer or spirits may be, you and your group will all find something to love about Leon Café’s unrivaled cocktail lounge in Glendale.


The Complete Experience

While the drinks on their own bring guests from Glendale and all across the greater LA area to our doors, it is likely the wide array of relaxing services that we offer our guests that keep them coming back. In addition to serving the finest foods to go along with expertly paired drinks, we also have top-tier hookah service for those who would like to enjoy a relaxing smoke in our outdoor lounge before or after a meal. The hookah served at our cocktail lounge in Glendale is expertly packed, using only the finest shishas to ensure a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. And, with our array of hookah flavors, diners can match their experience to whatever flavors are currently fresh in their palate from their meal or cocktail.

Whether you are looking for a neighborhood cocktail lounge in Glendale to relax at after work, or for a special night out with friends or loved ones, Leon Café and Lounge offers a fantastic and relaxing experience to fit a wide range of needs. We strive for excellence in everything we serve, so whether you are ordering food, drinks, hookah, or all of the above, you can know that you will be getting the very best around. We also offer catering services, so you can enjoy your favorite dishes from Leon Café and Lounge in the comfort of your home or favorite local venue. For more information, call us today at 818-243-4585.