Leon Cafe & Lounge : 2519 Cañada Blvd. Glendale, CA, 91208     |   818-243-4585

Best Cocktail Lounge in Glendale

Best Cocktail Lounge in Glendale

Leon Café and Lounge is changing the way you enjoy late night activities. Most night spots only offer one or two specialties that can get old after a while. But at Leon Café and Lounge, there’s always something new to experience. Every night out is a new adventure!

One night you can enjoy the best cocktail lounge in Glendale. The next time you come by you can try the finest Mediterranean and European cuisine in the restaurant business. Another night you can partake in a fun and unique paint night with all of your best friends. And, of course, there are out outstanding hookah options. There’s no end to the possibilities.

As well as having the finest European cuisine, such as pastas, pizzas, and signature salads, Leon Café and Lounge also boasts the top sushi bar in Glendale. With all fresh ingredients and the leading sushi specialists in the area, you can have an amazing sushi experience while your companions partake in other types of food like burgers and other comfort food. This is truly the perfect answer to finding a great restaurant that has something for everyone. Plus, our experienced chefs make everything from scratch with the best ingredients.

With everything from fine dining to the best hookah lounge Glendale, Leon Café and Lounge is the perfect night out for any type of person. With us, every night can be a memorable night. Come by for the experience or the tastiest beverages you’ll find anywhere in the area. We can’t wait to help you have an amazing night.